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Why might be for you? Because you are interested enough in who Yeshua is (his identity) , what he came to do (his aims) , what he wants us to know (his teaching) , what he showed us (his example) , why his story is historical (his eyewitnesses) , and how he matters to you (his relevance) . is full of inspiration and information about Yeshua. The most important tool is the "Article Categories" menu on the right sidebar. When you need information, start here.

And you can subscribe to by clicking in the upper right where it says "RSS Feed." If you use Google Reader or another Feed Reader, we'd love to be on your list. You'll get a lot of short, informative articles on many topics related to Yeshua and the gospels.

And speaking of getting started, when you are ready, consider the following . . .


Yeshua spoke to crowds, but he had an inner circle. I talk about this in Chapter 6 and 11 of Yeshua in Context , "The Messianic Secret" and "Seeds and Fruit." Yeshua's dual audience approach is relevant for our time as well. Many hear Yeshua's words from afar and follow at a distance. But some want to be in the inner circle, to listen more and be active learners. I assume you are on this path and want to know good methods to walk it daily.

I hope you begin by reading the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John . If you've spent a lot of your religious life (assuming you've had a religious life) reading one or two of them, start with one less familiar. They're actually short as works of literature go. If you set aside an hour or two you can easily finish a gospel in one sitting. But if that's too much, try a few chapters a day and you be done in two weeks or less.

I'd love to persuade you to make your next stop Yeshua in Context: The Life and Times of Yeshua the Messiah , available at as a paperback or a eBook.

When you are ready for a more detailed immersion, I recommend the First Fruits of Zion Torah Club Volume 4: Chronicles of Messiah , a year-long study course with print and audio resources (useful also for groups). CLICK HERE FOR INFO AND TO ORDER.

Once you're addicted to studying Yeshua's life, I hope you'll make the regular reading of the gospels a life habit. I read them, with Acts, through the year, in parallel with the Jewish cycle of reading the Chumash (the five books the Torah, a.k.a. the Pentateuch or books of Moses). You can find a reading schedule at .

And I reference many great scholars along the way, such as N.T. Wright, Raymond Brown, Scot McKnight, Dale Allison, Markus Bockmuehl, Luke Timothy Johnson, and more.


You can always click the category "Beginner" on the right "Article Categories" menu. And here are a few to get started:

(1) What kinds of writings are in the gospels?

(2) On the Importance of Reading the Gospels.

(3) What is the Gospel?

(4) Did Yeshua see himself as the messianic king?

Blessings and Peace in Yeshua,

Derek Leman

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