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Yeshua as Prophet of the Kingdom

It helps sometimes for us to forget that we know so many things about Yeshua, to back up and experience him from within the story and not from thousands of years after. I suspect that one reason the idea of Yeshua as prophet is neglected in religious talk is that it seems retrograde to some to consider his "lesser" roles in the divine plan. But it is impossible to exaggerate the importance of the idea that Yeshua was a prophet of the kingdom from within the story, from within the experience the disciples and crowds had of Yeshua. For them Yeshua was a potential prophet, a healer, an exorcist. How does Yeshua come across as a prophet in Mark? What sorts of things do we learn from this? ... Read entire article >>

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Faith Obstacle

In some recent commentary I prepared on the story of the Syro-Phoenician woman (Mark 7:24-30) I commented on the idea that Yeshua often put obstacles in the path of faith. A friend gave me some feedback. This observation is helpful in understanding a number of Yeshua's interactions with people and it is also helpful in considering our own path of discipleship with Yeshua. In what follows, I will cite a little of that commentary on Mark 7:24-30 and also give other examples of Yeshua putting faith-obstacles in the path of people trying to figure him out. ... Read entire article >>

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What Defiles

This is a transcript of a podcast I did today. It is a bit of a sermon, but I think it accurately applies Mark 7 to our context. You can see the podcasts on iTunes or click here to go directly. Yeshua said in Mark 7:15, "there is nothing outside a man which by going into him can defile him; but the things which come out of a man are what defile him." I have always thought that this passage was one of the most penetrating, well-phrased, to-the-heart-of-the-matter statements of what Yeshua stood for. It's actually only part of what Yeshua had to say on the matter. It's what he said to the crowds, the outsiders, the ones who did not get private instruction as part of the inner circle. Mark 7:15 ... Read entire article >>

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Yeshua's Prayer

Popularly known as the Lord's Prayer or the Pater or the Avinu. This article at my Messianic Jewish Musings blog includes audio-files of a new melody for liturgical use as well as commentary on the origin and intent of the prayer. See the article here. ... Read entire article >>

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March 28-29, 2011 in Toledo, Ohio

The first "Yeshua Seminar." Click on "Conferences" up top for the latest info. ... Read entire article >>

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Best Podcasts of 2010 from Yeshua in Context

The links below will take you to some of the most popular and helpful "Yeshua in Context" Podcasts of 2010. Many people are latecomers to "Yeshua in Context" and this is a good sampling of the content from the podcast. You could think of it as catch up. Sabbath Grain. Discipleship Secret. Sacrifices and Yeshua. Crucifixion Irony. Born from Above. A Prodigal Story. The Messianic Secret. Yeshua the Healer. Yeshua the Exorcist. ... Read entire article >>

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Suetonius and Messianic Expectation

Some have claimed that there was no popular expectation of a messianic figure in Yeshua's time. They say only some esoteric groups such as the community of the Dead Sea Scrolls had such beliefs. They especially doubt the idea that popular expectation was of a political-deliverer-messiah whereas Yeshua revealed a different kind of Messiah, a suffering figure who would inaugurate God's kingdom in a different way. Under the "Messiah" category, I am accumulating some evidence in support of the popular messianic expectation theory. See for example this post in which Josephus explains some of the rationale for the First Jewish Revolt which started in 66 CE as being related to a messianic notion. Now, let me share a little Suetonius. ... Read entire article >>

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Discussion: Passover and Yeshua

COMING to Messianic Jewish Musings: Discussion about Passover, the Crucifixion, the Last Supper. (1) Was the Last Supper a Passover Seder? (2) Do John and the other three gospels have a discrepancy? (3) If we think there is a discrepancy, which might we accept as historical? (4) Was Yeshua crucified on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday? (5) What was Passover like in the first century? (6) What elements in the synoptic gospels are clearly Passover customs? (7) Are there signs of a Passover Seder in John? (8) What is the origin of the Christian communion / Eucharist / Lord's Supper? (9) What can we tell from the New Testament about some practices in the Pauline congregations? (10) How has the Passover haggadah and the Seder in Judaism developed over time? ... Read entire article >>

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Greek and Roman Background: Son of God

Some people use the kind of information I'm sharing here to say things like, "The virginal conception of Jesus by Mary and the Holy Spirit is the kind of story pagans would make up about their rulers." That is not where I am going with this. But it is vital background for understanding Yeshua as the gospels present him. ... Read entire article >>

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Applying Yeshua Communally, Part 2

See Part 1 here (and an explanation of these notes, which I will develop into a more fleshed out series or publication later). SINCE . . . Yeshua called insiders who would remain close to him, form community, live out his teaching and example, and bring outsiders into community . . . WHAT . . . are some overarching categories in Yeshua's instruction for disciple communities? .......(1) Shared resources in the new family. .......(2) Union with God. .......(3) The new mission. More after the jump. ... Read entire article >>

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Apocalyptic and Yeshua (Gospel of Mark)

Apocalyptic is a type of literature that sees the world in a particular way: hidden reality . . . a veil over meaning . . . secrets for those who know how to seek them . . . more than meets the eye . . . hiddenness is God's design . . . but breakthroughs happen . . . God has sent heavenly messengers . . . secrets come to those who seek them . . . the insight into the beyond is desperately needed to cope with evil . . . the reign of evil is not the last word . . . in some versions, such as Mark, the Divine has come in person. ... Read entire article >>

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January Newsletter Page is Posted

And it has news, links, and encouragement for you. Click here or just on the newsletter tab at top. ... Read entire article >>

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Applying Yeshua Communally, Part 1

This series is based on an attempt to apply some major themes in Yeshua's teaching and example in our context. It combines concepts from Yeshua's context with practical and theoretical ideas about what it means to be a person, to be in community, to have faith, to follow Yeshua together with others, and so on. I make no claim to perfection, but I do try to source my principles in Yeshua's context and to be transparent. STARTING POINT: To you has been given the secret of the kingdom of God, but for those outside everything is in parables, Mark 4:11. How should this inform our model of Yeshua-community, of following Yeshua, and of being disciples? ... Read entire article >>

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Keeping Your Herods Straight

You see the name Herod and you panic, "Is this Herod the Great? Archelaus? Antipas? Agrippa? Agrippa II?" Or maybe you don't. But you should. How do you know which Herod is Herod in the verse you are reading? Here's a simple guide . . . ... Read entire article >>

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2011, Yeshua, Books, Moving Forward

Information on learning resources and getting involved in various Yeshua in Context projects in 2011. Many people are unaware of the practical, useful resources available. Includes info on upcoming children's books, eBooks, audiobooks and more. ... Read entire article >>

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