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Pre-Announcement: Israel Tour

What's a pre-announcement? It means something like this: "I have very little specific information at this time but I need to start recruiting people who are highly interested." Possibly December 2012 or January and February 2013. Israel. Galilee. Jerusalem. Dead Sea. I will give short (short, I mean it) lectures at all the sites relating history, biblical text, messianic significance, and so on for everything we see. It will be an economy tour - decent but modest hotels and food (not a luxury tour). I've not been that impressed with the pricier hotels or the pricier food in Israeli hotels anyway. This is a tour for people who want to be inspired, to learn, and to see with their own eyes the places in which our faith was formed (Jewish and ... Read entire article >>

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Bethlehem Star, Video

When the very Jewish gospel of Matthew tells us the story of Messiah's birth, you can bet it will be filled with Jewish themes. In fact, there are little known Jewish themes in the Matthew 2 story of the magi from the east and the star that reveals the place of Messiah's birth. What was the star of Bethlehem? What is the Jewish background of the star and the magi? ... Read entire article >>

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Bethlehem Shepherds, Video

This week's Yeshua in Context Video is timely, as many are starting to think about the birth narratives of Yeshua in Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2 at this time of year. For the next few weeks, I will explore facets of the birth narratives. Next week: Bethlehem's Star. Who were the shepherds of Bethlehem? Why do they figure so prominently in Luke's birth narrative? What do we learn about Yeshua and his context? ... Read entire article >>

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My 1st YouTube: 20 Ways

Okay, I see much room for improvement in my video presentation in the future. I should have been better prepared and used my notes less. The volume could stand to be a bit higher. This was recorded with my iPhone. I'm hoping soon to have a better camera (on loan from a congregant). Anyway, First Fruits of Zion is publishing a booklet based on a presentation I gave with Boaz Michael at the "Jewish Gospels Seminar" here in Atlanta in September. This video goes over point #1. The booklet could be available in December 2011. And thank you to two of my kids, Josiah (13) and Hannah (15), who edited and posted my video! ... Read entire article >>

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Repost: The Mountain in the Sermon

On Sunday, I'm speaking to a small class in North Georgia about the Beatitudes. As you progress into Matthew 5-7, this is a vital piece of information about the context. The following information is derived from a paper by Eric Ottenheijm of the University of Utrecht presented at the 2010 Society of Biblical Literature in the Matthew section. In Matthew 5:1, Yeshua went up on "the mountain." No one knows which mountain, although there is a lovely hill which is the traditional spot. More important than a physical location, though, is understanding the allusion of "the mountain." There are a number of mountains of great significance in the Hebrew Bible. The echoes of Exodus and Isaiah in particular add depth and meaning to the Sermon on the Mount. ... Read entire article >>

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