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A Gospel Proficiency Test

How well-read are you in the gospels? The point of this test is to help you assess your own familiarity. It is a spiritual exercise and may motivate you to further reading and learning. This test is about what you can and should know from being a regular and thorough reader of the gospels in English translation. The test does not require knowledge from commentaries, Greek, Aramaic, or historical knowledge. It is a test of your proficiency in the English gospels.

Take the test as a closed book exam . No open Bibles. This is a test of your retention of gospel stories and sayings (not a test of your ability to look things up!!).

The test has fifty questions. I recommend either printing it out or pasting it into a text document. To get the answers, email me at yeshuaincontext at gmail. And I'd love a follow up email with your score (take off 2 points for every wrong answer and deduct from 100). Hope you all make at least an 80! Here is the test...

1. Which gospel has a birth story that starts in Nazareth, moves to Bethlehem, then to Jerusalem, and back to Nazareth?

2. Which gospel has a birth story that begins in Bethlehem, moves to Egypt, and then to Nazareth?

3. Which two gospels begin with the story of John the Baptist (after a brief prologue)?

4. Which gospel tells the only childhood story about Yeshua we know of (post-infancy)?

5. Which gospel says Yeshua's first miracle was at a wedding in Cana?

6. At what city in Galilee did Yeshua stay in Simon and Andrew's home (and this city became his base of operation)?

7. Which of the four gospels is least like the others?

8. How do people get the idea that Yeshua's career was about three years?

9. If we had only Matthew, Mark, and Luke to go on, how long would we guess Yeshua's career was?

10. T or F: Yeshua healed only Israelites.

11. T or F: Yeshua always touched people that he healed.

12. What is the name of the blind man Yeshua healed (there were several, but we know the name of only one)?

13. T or F: Mary Magdalene was a prostitute.

14. T or F: Mary Magdalene was demon-possessed.

15. T or F: Yeshua's work was supported financially by wealthy women.

16. Which female disciple was married to a steward in Herod's house?

17. T or F: Yeshua expected his disciples to give alms to the poor.

18. T or F: In casting out demons, Yeshua was following the example of the Israelite prophets.

19. What two figures from the Hebrew Bible appeared with Yeshua at the Transfiguration?

20. T or F: We know which mountains were the places of the Sermon on the Mount and the Transfiguration.

21. T or F: The gospels always agree on details such as the number of people or the place names.

22. T or F: The gospels give us one relatively clear order and outline of events in Yeshua's life.

23. Which gospel says the least about the kingdom?

24. Which gospel says the most about eternal life?

25. Which story about Yeshua is the most famous example of a scene that was not in the original manuscripts but was added later?

26. How is the story of the first disciples different in John?

27. What are some ways the Beatitudes are different in Luke than in Matthew?

28. How is Yeshua's big "sermon" different in Luke than in Matthew?

29. What is the biggest difference in Johns version of the Temple cleansing (protest) story?

30. T or F: Yeshua said the law made accommodations to human weakness but that his disciples should follow the highest laws in Torah always.

31. T or F: Yeshua said ritual purity and tithes did not matter.

32. What was the major thing Yeshua agreed with the Pharisees about over against the Sadducees (in a public debate)?

33. Which gospel makes the most out of Jewish holiday themes?

34. Which gospel makes the most of Yeshua's love for the poor and sinners?

35. When asked by the high priest during the trial if he was the Messiah, do all the gospels agree that Yeshua said, "I am"?

36. T or F: Yeshua said he would destroy the Temple.

37. Which gospel has the centurion at the cross say, "Surely this man was innocent!"?

38. In which gospel does Yeshua speak to his mother, Mary, from the cross?

39. Which gospel says that some people came out of the grave when Yeshua died?

40. In which gospel does Yeshua tell the thief that he will be in paradise?

41. How do the gospels disagree about what happened at the sixth hour on the day Yeshua died?

42. How do the gospels disagree about which day Yeshua died on?

43. T or F: The gospels disagree about how many angels were at the empty tomb.

44. T or F: The gospel of John has two endings.

45. Which gospel shows Yeshua ascending to heaven?

46. T or F: The gospels say that Levi is the same person as Matthew and that Levi is one of the Twelve.

47. T or F: In one gospel scene, Mary the mother of Yeshua disbelieves in her son.

48. What are the two famous "nature miracles" of Yeshua (hint: not the fig tree)?

49. T or F: The purpose of parables is to help the uneducated understand the gospel.

50. T or F: Yeshua directly called himself Messiah and Son of God.

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  1. Nicole Plunkett says:

    I really had to think! Thanks.

  2. wendeth says:

    LOVE IT! thanks for taking the time to write and post it

  3. the website is from our synagogue, Beit Yeshua Congregation.
    can you send me the answers to A Gospel Proficiency Test

    Frances and Jeff

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