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20 Ways to Read Yeshua's Life

You can now order the CD and printed outline of my talk from the "Jewish Gospels" seminar with Boaz Michael last week. Below is a sample point, number 5 to be exact, and then a link to order:

#5 Read habitually in a recurring cycle, which imitates discipleship.

Disciples were with Yeshua often. The call to a disciple was, "Follow me." They heard Yeshua's words again and again in different contexts. The way we can imitate this repeated exposure to his words now is to read daily, habitually, and cyclically. Mark 4:10 shows that nearness to Yeshua was key, "When he was alone, the men that were with him approached with the twelve and asked him about the parable." Peter's saying in John 6:68 further this theme, "My master, to whom will we go? The words of eternal life are with you." My practice is to read the gospels with the Torah cycle (Matthew during Genesis, Mark during Exodus, Luke during Leviticus, John during Numbers, and Acts during Deuteronomy).

I appreciate those who order books and resources. I think this practical presentation will help you dig deeper in your reading the life and message of Yeshua. And your support is a blessing to this writer. Order by clicking here to go to the Mount Olive Press store.

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  1. Justin says:

    Hey Derek - definitely all for this. A few years ago I was looking for something similar in nature to this line of thinking, but for students, my leaders, etc. I couldn't really find too much out there (surprise, surprise ;) but I ended up planning something similar where,

    Matthew in January, Mark in February, Luke in March, and John in April. And then repeat through the year. So essentially, you're reading through each gospel 3 times a year - and we set this up for three years, basically.

    I have continued on and it is an amazing conduit for my journey with Yeshua...

    I had not considered the OT pairing, may need to check that out in January! Thanks so much!

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